Woman Sues Expensive Dating Service For Setting Her Up With Some TERRIBLE Dates!

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Suing over a bad date seems pretty frivolous to us. (Unless we’re talking Usher bad.)

But how about years of bad dates? Dates you paid thousands of dollars to set up…

Darlene Daggett (above, left), former president of QVC, filed suit against Kelleher International last week after paying the matchmaking service $150,000 only to be set up with some pretty awful suitors.

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According to the lawsuit:

“Kelleher’s ├óΓé¼╦£highly screened’ matches for Daggett included men who were married, mentally unstable, physically ill, pathological liars, serial Lotharios, stalkers, convicted felons, and men unwilling or unable to travel and/or the subject of professional sanctions.”

If that still sounds like a weak legal justification for suing, just check out a few of the examples listed in the court docs:

1- A man who claimed to be a spy who canceled plans on her because he “needed to go dark” — but it turned out he was just traveling with his ex.

2- A former New York judge — who, Daggett found out through a quick Google of his name, had been caught sleeping with an attorney whose cases he regularly presided over.

3- A widower finally ready to move — who was exposed as a pathological liar when his supposedly dead wife actually called Daggett! The man then stalked her after she ended things with him; he eventually was busted for bank fraud.

Eesh! This stuff happens in the dating world, but it’s not supposed to happen after a highly expensive screening process!

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In a statement, Kelleher CEO Amber Kelleher-Andrews (above, right), said:

“It doesn’t always work out. But what is good about each scenario is that you still have a lot of reflection, and you have an opportunity to look at yourself and your potential partner and really discover what’s realistic in terms of expectation.”

Should someone expect to not get stalked? Or how about to not be set up with criminals?

Apparently Kelleher didn’t want to find out what a jury would think of all this. Within hours of the suit being filed, they settled with Daggett out of court.

What’s YOUR worst experience with a dating service or website??

[Image via Noemi Torres/Nikki Nelson/WENN/Kelleher International.]

Aug 10, 2017 1:50pm PDT

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