This Fake ‘Mike Pence For President’ Website Is HIGHlariously On Point — And Fooling A Lot Of People!

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Amid rumors he’s planning on running for President in place of Donald Trump, someone created a parody website imagining VP Mike Pence‘s campaign.

After some outlets reported on Friday that Pence’s real site had been hacked (it hasn’t — still takes you directly to, like it always has), it quickly became clear that was its own entity.

While it’s laugh-out-loud, pointed satire, it’s also a depressing reminder that even if Drumpf were to be impeached, the 46 we’d be left with isn’t exactly a dream for the LGBT community.

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In case you didn’t notice in the upper left corner, Pence’s own running mate is “Christ” and that little “Are you a homosexual” link? Yeah, that takes you to

The entire site, which appears to have been created by Funny Or Die, is sweet, sweet satire that reminds you what an awful public servant Pence is, even if he seems like JFK next to President Fire N. Fury.

But our favorite part has to be “Mike Facts,” a hilarious series of nonsensical fun facts about the Vice President:

– Mike Pence went to college.

– Mike Pence won 3rd prize in the 1972 Indiana Junior Corn Contest.

– Mike Pence likes to watch movies.

– Mike Pence carries a tri-fold wallet in his right back pocket.

– Mike Pence has won seven (7) penmanship awards.

– Mike Pence has a “Family RV” a “Personal RV” and a “Permanent RV” aka his house.

  • – As a young adult, Mike Pence voted for Jimmy Carter after a catchphrase he coined, “I’m a Carter Supparter,” went semi-viral.
  • – Mike’s favorite part of the American flag is the bars.
  • – Mike Pence played baseball in high school until he suffered blunt trauma to his right testicle when a baseball hit it, rupturing the protective covering surrounding the right testicle as well as a contusion to the major blood vessel that, of course, resulted in massive bleeding and prolonged bruising that forced paramedics to cut through his baseball pants in the middle of a junior varsity game against high school rival Glen Oaks high school. All the girls at Mike’s high school were there and saw his bleeding bruised testicle and ruptured genitals. He played second base.
  • – Mike’s favorite type of technology is radio.
  • – Mike’s favorite late night snack is unleavened bread.
  • – Mike Pence can play all of “Joker” by Steve Miller Band on guitar except the slide part after “Some people call me Maurice.”

We also highly recommend this campaign ad:

While it’s still available, you can go to yourself to navigate the hilarity.

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Aug 11, 2017 6:33pm PST

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