Kim Kardashian Is Already Apologizing After Receiving A Ton Of Backlash For Defending Jeffrey Starr — WATCH!

Kim Kardashian and Jeffree Star

That didn’t take long!

As we told you, Kim Kardashian West went on a lengthy social media rant on Monday defending YouTube personality Jeffree Star despite his racist and controversial history.

People were understandably offended that Kim K. — someone who has a black husband and two black children — used her massive platform to ask fans to forgive Star for the vile and racist remarks he’s said in the past.

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Some examples of how people felt about Kimmie’s stance:

Catching wind of how her comments came off, the KUWTK star once again took to Instagram and Snapchat to apologize for her “naive” comments.

Watch her regretful statement (below):

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[Image via Instagram.]

Aug 15, 2017 1:44pm PDT

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