Sry, Trump — Barack Obama’s Response To The Charlottesville Rally Is Now The Most Liked Tweet Ever!

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The Nazi support for Donald Trump may never be higher, but the rest of the world continues to revere Barack Obama.

The former president took to Twitter on Saturday following the white nationalist rally that broke out into violence and took the lives of three people.

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The tweet, which on Tuesday became the most liked in history, contained a Nelson Mandela quote about love triumphing over hate. He wrote:

Wow, purely inspiring.

And people agreed — days later, the ex-POTUS’s tweet broke the record for the most liked ever with over 2.73 million likes:

This uplifting message of peace surpassed the previous most liked tweet, Ariana Grande‘s distraught message after the Manchester terrorist attack at her concert in May.

We’re sure Drumpf defenders will point out that Obama didn’t directly condemn neo-Nazis or KKK in his tweet — something the Big Cheeto was criticized for — but, let’s be honest, white supremacist groups aren’t exactly Barack Hussein Obama’s following in the first place.

But how great is it that in this aftermath, Trump is once again reminded that everyone in the world loves his predecessor?

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Aug 16, 2017 10:20am PST

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