Jeffree Star Says Fuck Drama With Kim Kardashian — Let’s Talk About Trump Instead!

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Kim Kardashian West really stepped onto an Internet minefield when she chose to defend Jeffree Star.

After telling her followers to forgive and forget about the makeup vlogger’s past racism, the reality star got inundated with angry messages, leading her to apologize for speaking on the situation.

What does the man in question say about this drama? “Fuck off.”

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Seriously, that’s how Jeffree began a Twitter rant Tuesday afternoon in which he told everyone who was talking about his contouring comments (he didn’t mention the racism) to focus on something more important: Donald Trump.

Star called the POTUS a “literal PIECE OF SHIT” and said people need to talk about impeaching him instead:

First off, NO ONE needs to be using that homophobic or transphobic language.

If you’re upset about racism, and you lash out with a different kind of oppression, SHAME ON YOU!

Video: Jeffree’s Video Apology For Past Racism — Do YOU Buy It?

But as far as the redirection talk goes, we have to say — we have no aim to “distract” from Trump horribleness with Kim K. stories.

Trump may be embarrassing our country on a daily basis, but it isn’t going to stop us from being us and caring about the drama we care about! We just know how to multi-task.

Of course, Jeffree knows all about that, too. One hour and five minutes after his rant, he tweeted:

[Image via Dennis Van Tine/Dave Starbuck/FutureImage/WENN.]

Aug 16, 2017 3:09pm PDT

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