Taylor Swift Showers Denver Crafts Company With Flowers After Their Inspiring Messages For Her Go Viral!

Taylor Swift shows her gratitude!

Taylor Swift is celebrating a victory in the groping case, and is happy to show her gratitude!

Not only did she announce she’d making donations to organizations helping sexual assault victims, but she also sent a message to her supporters, particularly one crafts company.

Craftsy, located just across the street from the Denver courthouse, was using Post-its to write the singer inspirational notes on their windows for her to see throughout the trial. In response, she sent the staff beautiful bouquets of flowers!

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On Tuesday, they went on Twitter to showcase their beautiful gifts from the starlet:

What a sweet gesture!

You can see the original, Tay-approved messages (below) as captured by BuzzFeed‘s Claudia Rosenbaum!


A “Fearless” knit hat has even been created in her honor:

We hope Taylor continues to speak out about sexual assault and inspire others to do the same!

Aug 16, 2017 11:37am PDT

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