Just FYI — Dead Bodies Are Sometimes Stored In MTA Employee Bathrooms & Break Rooms!

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The scary truth about public transportation!

Last year, AP reports there were around 50 deaths in a New York subway station, and that number has stayed steady in previous years.

Regardless of how the person dies — whether by natural causes or suicide — police must bag the body, and place it away from public view until a medical examiner arrives.

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But where do they store the corpse? Sadly, the dead body is sometimes placed in employee bathrooms or break rooms, where workers can (and do) find them!

To make matters worse, it could take HOURS before the cadaver is removed, sometimes longer if the person dies on the subway tracks.

According to Transit Workers Union International President John Samuelsen:

“The subway isn’t supposed to be New York City’s temporary morgue.”

TWU Local 100 representative Derick Echevarria says MTA employees have been “surprised and shocked by this,” adding:

“These are places where people take breaks, eat food, store their clothes.”

While people have complained to their unions, station agent Theresa Green told the Chief “nothing was ever done.”

In a statement, City Hall says it has increased medical examiner funding by $11 million since 2014, which will hopefully reduce the time it takes to clear a body bag.

“The medical examiner and NYPD are committed to reducing our response times even further to ensure both the humane treatment of the deceased and the health of subway workers and straphangers.”

Living in New York is NOT for the faint of heart!

[Image via TNYF/WENN.]

Aug 18, 2017 1:02am PDT

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