The Boston ‘Free Speech’ Rally Ended Early When Only 20 White Nationalists Showed Up! LOLz!

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White supremacists again prove themselves to be the most ridiculous group of losers in the country, and on the day of their HUGE ‘free speech’ rally planned for Boston… only about 20 of them actually bothered to show up. Oops!!

As you can see above, all those crazy right-wingers are out here looking like the inauguration crowd for Donald Trump!!!!

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In fact, the rally was such a dud, that even though white nationalists had permits to go up to 2:00 p.m. at their rally point, the Boston Police Department decided to end things early after all two-dozen demonstrators left (below):


Seriously, look how empty this white nationalist rally turned out to be (below):

LOLz!! Sorry, losers!!

But if that wasn’t enough, the response to these idiot white supremacists was truly a thing of beauty!

Literally *thousands* of counter-protesters took to the streets to protest this absurd rally, though, with the Boston Mayor Marty Walsh even joining in at one point as white nationalists had to be escorted away by the cops because they were so miserably outnumbered.

The counter-protests looked like a thing of beauty, too (below):

Love it!!

Boston showed out and showed up against hate and bigotry today!

Now that’s the kind of patriotism we can ALL get behind!!!

[Image via Twitter.]

Aug 19, 2017 3:02pm PDT

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