Jake Paul Might Really Be Over After An Alleged Fake Assault Charge And The Viral #JakePaulIsOverParty! Updates!

Drama, drama, drama in the teeny-bop world of post-Vine stars on YouTube!

Jake Paul, the highly controversial kid who frankly deserves some of what’s coming to him for being an ultra-douche, is now looking at big trouble after apparently falsely accusing FaZe Banks of assault!

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Here’s the backstory: both of these guys are YouTubers, of course, and Jake released a video the other day accusing FaZe of clothes-lining his assistant at a club, claiming Banks allegedly choked the girl on purpose — and that Banks is cheating on his current girlfriend (and Jake’s ex), Alissa Violet.


Got that?!

Up at the top of this post is FaZe’s response video, detailing exactly why he believes the assault charge is absurd — and FaZe goes further to counter that he believes members of Jake’s Team 10 squad may have drugged his drink at the club that night!!


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Watch the video (above) to see FaZe — and Alissa — go in on the highly controversial Jake Paul.

And that’s a direct response to this video (below):


Best news here, though?! Jake is losing TONS of subscribers right now — with tens of thousands falling off his channel in response to his (nearly universally unliked) video about the alleged assault.


Thoughts, Perezcious readers?!

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Aug 19, 2017 11:09am PST

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