Mile High Club Alert! Tommy Lee Banged His Girlfriend In The Bathroom Of An American Airlines Flight — And The Company Doesn’t Care!

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Rocker Tommy Lee did his thing this weekend, apparently getting inducted into the ‘Mile High Club’ after a tryst in the bathroom of an American Airlines airplane with girlfriend Brittany Furlan!

The rocker and his gal pal were heading back to Miami after a trip to Nassau, Bahamas, and they apparently decided that they couldn’t wait for the short (less than an hour!) flight, so they up and got it on in the airplane bathroom with the rest of the passengers just kind of hanging out in their seats!

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The most interesting news here though is that even though they were definitely found out after the fact, American Airlines isn’t planning on doing anything about it!

In an era of uptight airlines, American told TMZ that unless they received any complaints about suspicious actions in the lavatory from other passengers, there’s just not much of a point in raising a problem where there isn’t one.

Furthermore, American notes how many passengers — namely disabled people and the elderly — need assistance in lavatories, and thus don’t go into the bathroom alone.

Now, whether Tommy and Brittany needed assistance or not is up to interpretation… what they do in the lavatory is up to them, and them alone, and American Airlines is content with letting it be and not stirring trouble.

Well OK then!!!

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But in a bizarre twist of karma, though, it appears Brittany may not have had such a great time with American Airlines after all (below):


Oh well… at least she got laid, right?!

[Image via WENN.]

Aug 19, 2017 4:00pm PST

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