Blac Chyna Tried To Steal Rob Kardashian’s Range Rover During Custody Negotiations! WTF?!

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This is a story for the ages…

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian were trying to resolve their custody dispute on Friday afternoon when BC allegedly attempted to drive off in Rob’s Range Rover, only to be talked out of it by her legal team! Wait, what?!

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The story goes down like this: Rob and BC were at an office building in the Century City area of El Lay on Friday, meeting with their attorneys (Laura Wasser, who reps Rob, and Lisa Bloom, who reps Chyna) when Rob called down to the valet at the end of negotiations to have his car ready for him to leave.

So, the valet pulled the car around to the front of the building, but Rob wanted to wait upstairs for Chyna to leave first before he went down to head home.

BC, seeing Rob’s Range Rover and apparently “visibly agitated”, per TMZ, jumped into his car and started to prepare to drive away from the building with it! Whoa!!!

Apparently, though, one of her lawyers talked her down by telling her “that’s not a good idea,” and her legal team and a valet eventually got Chyna out of the car with no damage done.

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For what it’s worth, Bloom claims that Chyna never got in the car — she only got agitated when she saw it, because she had given the car to Rob as a gift when they were still together. Blac Chyna apparently had some “choice words” when she saw the Range Rover, but Bloom is adamant BC did not try to drive it away.

And yet other sources say differently…

Regardless, it sounds like this custody battle — with a full hearing set for next month — is really, really contentious. Oh boy…

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Aug 20, 2017 11:00am PDT

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