Kate Major Held On Involuntary Psych Evaluation After Calling Police To File False Kidnapping Report Against Michael Lohan

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Kate Major called the cops on Michael Lohan on Friday night, but it turned out that after police arrived, she was the one who was taken away — sent by police to a hospital for a psych examination.

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Apparently, Kate was drunk when Michael arrived at home Friday night, so he left and took their kids with him — at which point she apparently call 911 to report a phony kidnapping!

Also — and this is a big no-no — Kate allegedly made threats of violence towards Michael while on the phone with police officers.


When cops showed up, Michael returned, and he showed them video footage he had taken of him (legally) taking the kids away from a drunk Major.

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Cops realized he was telling the truth, and decided not to send him to jail, but rather to haul Kate away and take her in for a mental health evaluation. And Boca Raton Police have confirmed to TMZ that they did in fact take in Kate under the Baker Act, which allows for an involuntary psych evaluation.

No word on whether Kate is out by now or not — we just know this was another in a series of not-so-great moments for Lindsay Lohan‘s stepmother.

Let’s just hope everyone gets the help they need…

[Image via WENN/Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.]

Aug 20, 2017 7:54pm PST

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