New Bill Calls For Donald Trump To Get A Mental Health Evaluation Following Charlottesville Comments!

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Time for a checkup, Donald Trump!

A new bill has been introduced to the House of Representatives that would require the President to undergo a physical and mental health exam to see if he’s psychologically stable enough to stay in office.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren introduced the bill on Friday, which would call on Vice President Mike Pence and members of the Cabinet to remove Trump from office should the results be unfavorable.

In a statement announcing the bill, Lofgren questioned if the president is suffering from “early stage dementia,” inquiring whether or not he is “mentally and emotionally stable” enough to lead a country.

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Lofgren, who is not a psychiatrist or psychologist, pointed out that Trump has yet to release a “serious” medical evaluation to the public.

Though she doesn’t expect the bill to pass, the representative for California’s 19th district told Mercury News the legislature “will stimulate conversation,” adding that the Kook-in-Chief should go along with the evaluation if “he cares about the country.”

The bill, which would invoke the 25th Amendment in allowing the VP and a majority of Cabinet members to remove the president from power, stems from Trump’s widely criticized response to the Charlottesville white supremacist rally.

Lofgren has already made her thoughts on the matter clear, tweeting:

Other politicians have suggested booting 45 out of the White House with the 25th Amendment, which is why Lofgren is calling for Pence and other Cabinet members to “quickly secure … medical and psychiatric professionals,” to evaluate Trump’s mental health. She explained:

“If it was a physical ailment, you would be getting the advice of doctors. The same thing should be true to take a look at his stability here.”

Sounds like a great plan in theory, but this is definitely a long shot.

Anyone with eyes can tell that the president is a few floors short of a Trump Tower, but his failure to condemn his strongest voting demographic may be a very sane — even shrewd — move.

Maybe there’s a diabolical evaluation we can make him take instead?

Aug 21, 2017 3:04pm PDT

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