Patton Oswalt Tells The Story Of Falling In Love With Fiancée Meredith Salenger Following The Devastating Death Of His Wife

patton oswalt opens up falling in love with meredith

Patton Oswalt has truly found love again.

We weren’t sure the comedian would bounce back following the devastating death of his wife Michelle McNamara in April 2016.

Nonetheless, Cupid’s arrow has struck the Ratatouille star in the heart and he’s more than willing to open up about his love story with fianc├â┬⌐e Meredith Salenger.

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As we previously, Patton and Meredith became engaged only a month after going public on the red carpet at the premiere for the film Baby Driver. While to some it may seem like the twosome got engaged very quickly, the love birds couldn’t be more confident in their whirlwind romance.

On how they fell in love, Patton explained to Playboy:

“My fianc├â┬⌐e and I started talking February 28, through Facebook. We have friends in common and we were messaging, and it just turned into every night for three months– February through May. We would talk about everything, writing these short novels to each other every night. It wasn’t like I met this person and there was some thunderbolt. During that time, we never even spoke, never met face-to-face. We had conversations about books and philosophies and what love means and what loyalty and death are. We talked all about Michelle and what I was going through and the stuff that Meredith has gone through. We didn’t meet face-to-face until May 20.”

However, when they did meet, the pair felt like they had known each other for years. He continued:

“It was as if I had known this person since we were teenagers and we both had unrequited crushes since we were 14 and now it was finally crashing together.”

Awwwwww. Honestly, after what Patton’s been through, we’re just happy he’s happy again.

In regards to how he coped with losing his wife, the funny man credited his eight-year-old Alice for getting him through the dark days. The King Of Queens alum shared:

“This is going to sound selfish, but I’m forever glad that I have Alice. If I hadn’t had a daughter and my wife died, we wouldn’t be talking right now. I’m not saying I would be dead, but I would be a shut-in alcoholic. Everything would have shut down. I wouldn’t have been about anything. But with Alice, it was and is ‘You got to get up.’ There are mornings when we’re late to school because I’m sad, but I’ve still fucking got to get up. A night when I’ve had maybe one scotch with some friends, I’ll say, ‘That’s it. I’ve got to take her to school tomorrow.’

“If there were no reason to wake up, I would be morbidly obese. I’d be rewatching movies I’ve seen a million times, and I would have wallowed and sealed myself off in a falsely comforting bath of despair. Depression is not terrifying. Depression is seductive and comforting. It sticks around so long because it creates this false sense of ‘Oh, here’s where I’m safe.’ Grief is like depression’s drill sergeant. It knows the tricks that depression doesn’t know. Grief is like, ‘Hey, depression, I taught you everything you know, but I didn’t teach you everything I know. Here, watch what I can do.'”

Regardless, happy days are here for the 48-year-old as Meredith now brings “excitement and calm” into his life. Thankfully, both his and his late wife’s families are on board with his new engagement. The industry vet noted:

“When I told Michelle’s sisters they were like, ‘Oh my God, we were so worried. We thought you were going to be alone forever.’ If I had passed away, no fucking way would I want someone as dynamic and unique as Michelle to be pining for me. My family was terrific. My dad served in Vietnam for three years, so he’s very pragmatic, like, ‘Why would you make yourself miserable if you don’t need to be?’ He was really happy, and my mom was excited too├óΓé¼┬ª My brother was really happy, like, ‘Oh my God. She’s smart. She’s sane. It’s wonderful.'”

AH-Mazing. We’re wishing the future Mr. and Mrs. Oswalt only the best as they continue to celebrate their engagement!!

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Aug 21, 2017 3:22pm PDT

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