ICYMI: First Lady Of Zimbabwe Granted Diplomatic Immunity Following Alleged Brutal Assault Against Three Women

grace mugabe attacks three women in hotel

Remind us to never piss off the First Lady of Zimbabwe.

ICYMI, Grace Mugabe allegedly attacked three women a week ago while trying to hunt down her two sons, Robert Jr. (25) and Chatunga Bellarmine (21), at the Capital 20 West hotel in South Africa. Now THAT’s a helicopter mom.

While only model Gabriella Engels has come forward to identify herself as one of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe‘s wife’s victims, two other women also suffered injuries in the violent rampage. Supposedly, the three girls had been hanging out with the Mugabe boys in a hotel room when Grace apparently busted in armed with an electrical cord. It’s said the two men fled the hotel room as they heard their mother approaching. Cowards.

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Per Engels, Mrs. Mugabe was accompanied by 10 bodyguards and hotel security guards. At the time of the attack, Gabriella had no clue who her attacker was or why she and her friends were being beaten. In a recent interview, Gabriella dished:

“I really thought she was going to kill me … From the moment she stormed into the room she was ready to murder someone. The electrical cord-cable was tightly wrapped around her hands. No one could stop her. The guards and hotel security guards just stood there and watched as she whipped me with the cord and dragged me across the floor by my hair.”

Oh man. The electrical cord also caused a massive gash on Engels’ forehead, a wound which could jeopardize her modeling career. The up-and-comer added:

“I remember everything that had happened … the traditional attire Grace was wearing, the shiny gold slippers and an expensive blue bag she was carrying … The terror on my friends’ faces as they grabbed a blanket to protect themselves from the beating … How I had to kneel down in order to escape from her, and the blood dripping from my face. I remember it all.

I’m still terrified when I think about what happened. For the past few days I was even scared to go out in public. I do not know if this is the end of my modeling career. Right now I am focusing on the criminal charges. Maybe I will sue her at a later stage.”

Although Gabriella’s criminal case may have some bumps in the road as Grace has reportedly been granted diplomatic immunity.

The three victims met the Mugabe brothers while celebrating a 21st birthday at the hotel’s Taboo nightclub. However, the trio did NOT get along with a group of girls the men were spending time with, so they decided to leave the bash. Unfortunately, they had to return to the hotel when they realized they left a jacket behind.

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A friend told the three ladies the jacket was in a hotel room and invited them all over to retrieve it. An unnamed pal of Engels’ explained:

“We had no interaction with the Mugabe brothers at all on Sunday. We were literally there for 15 minutes. The only thing we managed to do was smoke a cigarette on the balcony. Then our friend asked us to turn off the music. Someone important was coming. This lady stormed into the room with more than 10 bodyguards and hotel security guards, demanding to know the whereabouts of her son, who she calls Bellarmine.”

When the First Lady stormed in, the group was unable to tell her where her sons were and that’s when she started to lash out. The alleged victim continued:

“She dragged me by my hair and held me tight. She slashed me viciously with the electrical cord. She then dragged me by my hair across the floor and threw me on a couch where she forced me to call our mutual friend and Bellarmine’s best friend, but their phones were off. She continued beating me with the cord; I was rescued by the hotel manager, who rushed to the room after hearing my screams for help.”

To make matters worse, there may be a fourth victim, as a waitress was allegedly pushed by one of Mugabe’s sons running away from the scene. The woman was taken to a hospital, where she ultimately miscarried the baby she was carrying.

The Engels family have also accused the Mugabe clique of offering up a cash settlement to make this all go away. The AfriForum is planning to challenge Mrs. Mugabe’s immunity as she was not in South Africa on an official visit.

We’re sure this isn’t the last we’ve heard of this case!!

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Aug 22, 2017 2:49pm PDT

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