This New Campaign Ad Proves Donald Trump Only Cares About Winning The Next Election & Not Making America Great Again

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What does this solve exactly, Donald Trump?

In typical form, POTUS is creating a more divisive country as his newest campaign ad goes to war with Democrats, the media, and “career politicians,” who he refers to as “opponents” and “enemies.”

First of all, does this buffoon realize we’re THREE YEARS away from the next election?? Can we not just focus on bettering the country NOW?! How fucking selfish.

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TIME reports the $1.5 million ad buy (?!) is set to air across the U.S. and will be targeted at specific voting groups on the web. If anything, we’re hoping this insane display of narcissism encourages people to actually show up to the polls to get this guy out of the White House!

Watch the seriously out-of-touch spot (below)!

You’re not fooling anyone, Donny.

Aug 23, 2017 1:08pm PDT

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