Worst Tinder Date Ever Allegedly Steals Dog From Home!

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Be careful who you swipe right for!

On Sunday, an unidentified 18-year-old female was housesitting for a Leonia, New Jersey-resident when she decided to hit up one of her Tinder matches.

When the guy came over to the house, he — for some reason — brought another dude, where one of them “distracted” the girl for quite some time. After both bros left, the sitter realized a laptop, an Amazon package, AND the house owner’s 2-year-old white Maltese Maggie were GONE!

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Fast forward to this week, the mutt was found and returned to her owner!

It turns out Elena Ramirez — who lives 20 minutes away from Leonia — found the Maltese on Monday after her brother saw the doggy in her backyard. The Garfield, New Jersey-resident exclaimed:

“She was so cute, she was quiet and calm.”

Ramirez gave the dog to authorities who then gave Maggie to the All Humane Animal Rescue, who posted her pic on a Facebook page featuring lost and found pets.

Daily Voice editor Jerry DeMarco just so happened to stumble upon the post and contacted Leonia police who were able to bring the canine back home!

Even though the pup was retrieved, Elena has harsh words for the incompetent house-sitter.

“It’s ridiculous on her part to have somebody over that you don’t know let alone when it’s not your house. These kids… I’m just grateful that the dog is back home.”

The two suspects have been identified, and an investigation is currently underway.

[Image via Leonia Police Department.]

Aug 23, 2017 11:44pm PDT

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