Tig Notaro Calls Out Louis C.K. For Not Responding To His Many Sexual Misconduct Allegations

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Why is Tig Notaro always being asked about Louis C.K.?

Well, first off, because he’s an executive producer on her critically acclaimed Amazon show One Mississippi, which is about to premiere its second season on September 8. At least, he’s credited as an executive producer.

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Tig says the Louie writer and star has “never been involved” in the show but still managed to get the credit somehow. She told The Daily Beast:

“It’s frustrating, because he has nothing to do with the show. But I don’t waste my time on him or what anyone thinks. His name is on it. But we are writing the show, the writers’ room. We’re sitting in editing. We’re acting. We’re on set. We’re doing press. And everyone that’s directly involved in the show works very hard. They are decent, talented human beings. And I feel lucky to be surrounded by them.”

Wait, what was that “decent” part? Is she implying Louis isn’t decent?

We don’t know the full story of the falling out between the former friends, just that there was an “incident” and according to Tig they “don’t talk since then.”

But rumors have swirled around C.K. over the past couple years, specifically that he lures female comics to his hotel room and masturbates in front of them.

Apparently many female writers and comedians have shared stories but none have gone on record, at least not naming names. Except Roseanne, but she was just relaying what she heard; she wasn’t a witness to any of these incidents.

Interestingly, a major plot point on the upcoming season of One Mississippi is about a character suffering through a very similar sexual assault, in which a character is made to watch her boss masturbate at work.

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When asked about the elephant in the room, Tig doesn’t offer any firsthand knowledge but does say it’s strange he has never acknowledged the rumors:

“I think it’s important to take care of that, to handle that, because it’s serious to be assaulted. It’s serious to be harassed. It’s serious, it’s serious, it’s serious.”

In bringing the discussion back to the show, she can’t help but drop some very telling (though purposely nameless) experiences:

“And that’s what we want to do with this show. We of course want to create comedy, but we also really, really feel like we have the opportunity to do something with One Mississippi, because it does not stop. And, you know, I walk around doing shows at comedy clubs and you just hear from people left and right of what some big-shot comedian or person has done. People just excuse it…

It’s an ongoing issue and in the writers’ room we were very open about the different levels of harassment or assault that we’ve witnessed or experienced. I think it’s despicable what people in power, or any people, when they do this.

People don’t believe that their idol or their friend can be… Yeah, they don’t believe it.”

When asked for specific examples, Tig says:

“I mean, I liked Bill Cosby. You know? I was a human being, alive. It’s like, who didn’t like Bill Cosby? I saw him live in concert and I loved him as a comedian. And it was confusing. You hear things and you go, oh, is that a rumor? What’s happening? And then everything is swirling around the comedy world, where people go, oh no, that’s really happened.

And then you learn and you talk to more people and it’s like, oh, he’s not the only one. And there’s this person. And it’s just, it’s horrifying.”

And no one wants to believe it because they love the celeb so much. Until one day it hits a tipping point, and there’s just too many accusers to deny.

Sadly, with Cosby that took years.

Will a similar thing happen with Louis? Or will anything more definitive come out??

One thing seems certain: Tig is right. Louis isn’t the one who’s going to open up about it.

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Aug 23, 2017 6:51pm PDT

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