Camila Cabello Thinks Friendship Breakups Are Worse Than Romantic Ones — You Listenin’, Fifth Harmony?

camila cabello thinks friend splits are worse

Camila Cabello has had her heartbroken, but not from some boy.

The Havana singer got candid with Flaunt as she opened up about the inspiration behind her hit, I Have Questions. According to Miz Cabello, the ballad is all about a friendship ending and the heartbreaking process of dealing with the falling out. In fact, the 20-year-old believes a friendship breakup is more devastating than a romantic one.

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Wait… what? Taylor Swift‘s pal explained:

“In a romantic relationship you think, this is amazing, this is beautiful, I love this person, but there’s a part of you that’s always prepared for it to end. I feel with a friendship you think it’s going to last forever. You start to consider that person like your family and so you don’t see an end to that. So when it’s like a shocking or abrupt ending that’s worse.”

As Cabello had quite the falling out with Fifth Harmony following her exit, it’s safe to say that particular experience served as inspo for the song. Nonetheless, the up-and-comer credits 5H for giving her a solid work ethic and a curiosity for songwriting.

On how she grew within the X Factor formed group, Camila added:

“There’s a healthy amount of competitiveness that exists within a group. Everybody wants to add something to the table.”

Although Camila’s departure from Fifth Harmony left many fans devastated, the It-girl has certainly come into her own as a solo artist. In addition to finding her own musical voice, the songstress has become an influential figure in the Latinx community.

On embracing her culture and the desire to celebrate America’s “melting pot,” Cabello shared:

“I think what surprised me so much about this new America is that I felt like in Miami there was never any kind of intolerance or bias. With Trump as president it’s just been kind of uncovered, or maybe I just didn’t see it before. It’s scary to think that there’s still so much intolerance in the world.”

At least you’re woke now, girl! That’s all that matters.

We’re certainly excited to hear Camila’s debut solo album, titled The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving., when it drops this September. Are U???

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Aug 24, 2017 10:59am PST

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