Donald Trump STILL Doesn’t Know How Eclipses Work — His Latest Anti-Obama Retweet Proves It!

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What does Donald Trump love more than Donald Trump? Donald Trump MEMES!

The president has a penchant for retweeting tasteless, pro-Trump images posted by his followers — more often than not, involving some form of CNN getting its ass kicked by the Commander in Chief.

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And though POTUS’s latest eclipse-themed retweet was certainly no WWE smackdown, it was still a pathetic jab at someone Trump insists on making an enemy to himself: Barack Obama.

Trump kicked off his Thursday morning by retweeting an image shared by YouTube Actor and “Proud Trump supporter” Jerry Travone, posting:

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Don’t look directly at it! It’s too bright and dumb!

Sure, it’s one of the more harmless memes he’s shared — and yes, funny in a desperate kind of way — but how pathetic is it that the Big Cheeto genuinely needs validation straight from the MAGA Tumblr page?

Thankfully, one responder hit back with an explanation about how eclipses actually work, writing:

Yup, sound’s about right to us.

[Image via TIME/Twitter.]

Aug 24, 2017 10:00am PDT

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