Jake Paul Douche-Splains His Way Through New Interview About His Disney Firing & Neighborhood Lawsuit!

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Jake Paul is quickly getting the reputation for being the annoying AF little brother that no one asked for.

But despite building a career off of pranks, fake assaults, and overall douchebaggery, the Vine-turned-YouTube star wants you to know he doesn’t suck as much as you think he does!

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter (ugh, what?), the social media star spoke on the regrettable viral incident that led to his abrupt departure from the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark.

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Back in July, KTLA had sent a crew to investigate claims that Paul and his YouTube housemates were pissing off their neighbors — the posse had reportedly lit fires in a drained swimming pool, mounted dirt-bike drag races outside their rented house, and attracted swarms of rowdy “Jake Paulers” to the residential neighborhood in LA’s Beverly Grove.

Paul and his band of vloggers responded with a YouTube-style ambush: launching a T-shirt cannon at the reporter, climbing on the roof of the news van, and making fun of the reporter’s shoes while referencing a meme popular in 2015. (Know your brand, ppl!)

That incident was the final straw for Disney, which immediately dropped the incorrigible 20-year-old from one of the channel’s staple sitcoms. He mellifluously explained:

“They basically called me and were like, ‘Yo, what’s going on, what’s going on?’ And I just explained the situation, and they were like, ‘OK. We want to expedite this process of weaning you off the show.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s fine. But it’s going to look like you guys fired me.’ And they were like, ‘We can say that we mutually parted ways and blah, blah, blah.’ And that’s the reality of the story.”

Even outside of the KTLA incident, Paul hasn’t seen a warm welcome from Hollywood. Other families on his block, mostly entertainment industry pros, are currently putting together a class-action lawsuit against the star over his Jackass-esque shenanigans.

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But Paul doesn’t even see what the big deal is, claiming none of his pranks actually “harm” people! He added:

“But we’re not even that loud. Like, yes, we had a furniture fire get out of control in our backyard one time. But that didn’t harm a single person.”

Maybe he should start considering the headaches he gives to his neighbors as physical harm?

The social media star does admit that the fan situation outside his home — which is filled with other YouTubers in an incubator-type group home Paul leads — has gotten out of control, however the prankster professes that it’s not HIS fault, explaining:

“They are yelling at the neighbors, they’re in the street, they’re chanting my name and taking up parking├óΓé¼┬ª I have made multiple videos telling fans not to come to our house. I feel like a zoo animal.”

To the excitement of his neighbors, Paul is currently hunting for a new house — but there’s a problem:

“[W]e can’t put my name on the lease. Because if they look me up now, then they would see all this bad stuff.”

Do you feel even the slightest shred of sympathy? Yeah, neither do we.

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Aug 24, 2017 11:41am PDT

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