Jake Paul Suggests We Ignore Racism Weeks After Getting Heat For Making Racist Comments!

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For someone who always seems like he just pounded five Red Bulls, Jake Paul is anything but woke.

The Vine star surged in popularity over the past few months thanks to a string of controversies, reminding everyone that douchebaggery is a legitimate platform when it comes to social media success.

Aside from annoying his neighbors into filing a class-action lawsuit against him, the 20-year-old made headlines for hurling racist comments at a Kazakhstani fan in a recent video, saying “it sounds like you’re just going to blow someone up.”

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While few were surprised by the Ohio-native’s lack-of-consciousness — after all, he’s your basic douchey frat boy who happens to have a following of 9 mil — the viral star came under fire for his remarks on social media.

Now, it seems like Paul wants people to forgive and forget — or just never pay attention to that shit in the first place!

When asked about his thoughts on the resurgence of racism (The Hollywood Reporter isn’t afraid to get to the *tough* questions), the former Disney star said he tries to encourage people to look the other way.

He explained:

“My school was actually really diverse. There was actually a lot of Arabic [students] and Mexican [students], pretty much like all races, but primarily Caucasian. Honestly, it’s crazy to me and I try to keep my nose out of it. And like I don’t have any racial preferences or dislikes or whatever. So to me it’s all so crazy and like I said, I just try to keep my nose out of it and spread positivity and encourage others to kind of [ignore] that stuff. ‘Cause to me it’s crazy like it’s 2017 and all that stuff’s still happening.”


He may not have any racial “dislikes or whatever,” but casually dropping racist comments in videos watched by the Jake Paulers of the world isn’t exactly spreading positivity either.

Listen, Jake — if your go-to response to a Kazakhstani fan is about blowing shit up, you’re part of the reason “all that stuff’s still happening” in 2017. Do better, kid.

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Aug 24, 2017 2:35pm PDT

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