Photographer Dad Empowers Children Battling Illness By Transforming Them Into The Justice League!

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Back in October, photographer dad Josh Rossi wowed the internet by transforming his 3-year-old daughter into Wonder Woman for a kick ass birthday photo shoot.

Now, he’s empowering a whole league of kid superheroes with the same photoshop magic!

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Earlier this summer, Rossi took photos of six children with cancer or other serious medical issues dressed as characters from the Justice League — and the result was incredibly badass.

The project, which took about two months to complete, had Rossi and his team making custom costumes for each kid. He explained to HuffPost how the photoshoot came about:

“After I did the Wonder Woman series of my daughter, I got calls from families who had kids with cancer who asked me to do photo shoots for them. They kept saying that their daughter or son was the real superhero. I decided to go out and find all of the real superheroes, the kids who have been fighting very difficult battles.”

Rossi’s wife Roxana found the kids through their friends and matched each with a superhero that had a “weakness” similar to the child’s illness. He continued:

“For example, Teagan, who first of all loves Superman, was born with half of a heart. He has a similar weakness to Superman. Superman’s heart grows weak when he is next to kryptonite├óΓé¼┬ª Kayden’s story was similar to Cyborg’s in that he almost died at birth but his mother chose to keep him alive and the doctors had to amputate both legs. Cyborg is similar because after a bad accident he was going to die but his father kept him alive by giving him robotic parts.”

Despite their physical setbacks, Rossi very much saw the children as superheros because they never seemed to complain about their situation:

“I can’t believe all the chemo, radiation therapy and surgeries they have been through and still have a smile on their face. It was really humbling to see how much the kids have suffered, as well as the parents.”

In the end, Rossi hopes the project will help people to find strength in weakness, adding:

“Hopefully it also inspires others to help those in need and who are suffering and get more involved in serving them.”

What doesn’t kill us makes us more powerful. See more of the adorably awesome pics (above)!

[Image via Josh Rossi.]

Aug 24, 2017 12:48pm PST

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