Katy Perry Gets Dragged For Body Shaming YouTuber With Nonstop Fat Jokes In Swish Swish Video

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Katy Perry finally dropped her Swish Swish music video early Thursday morning, and a lot of people thought it was pretty much an airball.

Critics didn’t just dislike it because they found the vid utterly silly and toothless, completely avoiding the combative meaning behind the lyrics, but also because the jokes were seen as dated and immature.

Oh yeah, and also hurtful.

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One of the guest stars playing Katy’s basketball teammate was vlogger (and Twitter genius) Christine Sydelko (seriously, follow her @csydelko).

Unfortunately, her entire role in the video seemed to be the butt of some really unfunny fat jokes. Her nickname was “Shaquille O’Meals” and her stats were “5.7 tacos per minute.” And all she did was eat the entire vid.

Even Christine’s own YouTube cohost Elijah Daniel tweeted (but quickly deleted) some scathing criticism of the body shaming bit:

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It doesn’t matter that Christine makes fun of her own body and diet; that’s her prerogative. It is NOT the same for an international sex symbol to do it for five minutes. And while he may have deleted the tweets above, he posted the following late Thursday afternoon:

Of course, Elijah wasn’t the only one who had a problem with it. See some of the more severe responses from social media (below)!


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Aug 24, 2017 7:37pm PDT

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