Donald Trump Is Literally The Most Unpopular First-Year President EVER — See The Numbers!

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This is wild!!!

It’s been a rough first seven months in the White House for Donald Trump, and nowhere does the superficial commander in chief feel that more than his abysmal poll numbers, which have him as HISTORICALLY unpopular!!!

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Right now, Trump’s approval rating is just 34 percent — and he has already spent more time with an approval rating under 40 percent in his first year in office than ANY other president in history… with four months left to go until 2018.


Plus, according to Gallup‘s most recent weekly polling estimate, Trump is only viewed positively by 37 percent of Americans! (Who are these 37 percent of Americans? Are they awake?!)

For reference, Barack Obama‘s approval ratings and positive views never got even close to 40 percent… just another thing he has on Trump!!

Beyond his first year, there’s still some history Trump can yet reach: later on in their presidencies, several American leaders saw their approval ratings dip into the 20s, so we’ll see if Trump can meet them there eventually.

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Harry Truman hit 22 percent in February 1952, during the middle of the drawn-out Korean War. Richard Nixon sat at 24 percent just before his resignation in 1974. And Jimmy Carter bottomed out at 28 percent during the 1979 oil crisis.

Still got some work to do to make history, Donald, but considering you’re reaching all-time first-year lows, you’re well on your way!!!

What do U think, Perezcious readers?! How’s Trump doing??

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Aug 26, 2017 1:39pm PST

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