Promoters Offering Floyd Mayweather Jr. THOUSANDS Of Dollars Just To Walk Through Their Clubs!

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Why get an education when you can box?!

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is staring down a big fight with Conor McGregor tonight, and while he’s going to reap a ridiculous $100 million payday from the bout alone, he’s also being offered a TON of money to party afterwards!!

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According to reports, club promoters in Las Vegas are throwing an unbelievable amount of money Floyd’s way, asking him to do really, really small things like just walk through their clubs for ten minutes — in exchange for a $30,000 payday!!!!!

It’s not just that offer, either — another promoter reportedly offered Mayweather $60,000 just to show up at a Sunday pool party for half an hour!

30 grand for ten minutes?! 60 grand for a half hour?!


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Floyd hasn’t agreed to any of it yet — and considering how much money he’ll make off the fight alone, he doesn’t exactly need to do any of these club promotions — but he apparently will be making some appearances after tonight’s big fight.

If he did all the clubs he’s been invited to — which, TMZ claims, is logistically possible — he could rack up a total of $320,000 in appearance fees.

All in a day’s work!!!

[Image via Cover Images/WENN.]

Aug 26, 2017 12:39pm PDT

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