Oops! ‘Shit Show’ Permit Problems Shut Down The Weeknd’s Concert Just Minutes Before It Began!

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The Weeknd was all set to host a private concert on Friday night in downtown El Lay to honor and celebrate the 20th anniversary of Grey Goose vodka… but the thing was cursed from the beginning, and the star never even got to perform a single song before it was shut down!

According to media reports, the private event was canceled literally moments before The Weeknd was to take the stage, and the culprit is permit problems — the El Lay fire marshal wasn’t playing around!

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Hundreds and hundreds of people showed up to the event — it sounds like many more than they were anticipating — and folks were being turned away because of the last-minute permit issue.

One guest spoke out to the media about the experience, saying:

“I showed up and like 30 girls attacked my Uber. There were all these hot girls standing around all dressed up and staff were carrying crates of Grey Goose out of the building. What a shit show.”


Event organizers apparently sent out an email half an hour before the Weeknd was supposed to go on saying everything had been scrapped due to “production issues.”

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Sounds like a Grey Goose/city permit problem. The company claims that The Weeknd will be back with them soon for more (hopefully well-permitted) events:

“Due to unforeseen production issues, tonight’s event has been canceled. That said, Grey Goose and The Weeknd will be back together soon ├óΓé¼ΓÇ£ bigger and better!”


Can’t win ’em all, we suppose.

[Image via Peter Kaminski/WENN.]

Aug 26, 2017 5:04pm PDT

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