Donald Trump Says He Purposely Pardoned Joe Arpaio During The Hurricane Because He ‘Assumed The Ratings Would Be Far Higher’

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In case you hadn’t heard, Donald Trump made yet another controversial move that pronounced his racism on Friday: he pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The Arizona lawman had been convicted of criminal contempt for ignoring a federal judge’s order to stop racially profiling Hispanic suspects he assumed were illegal immigrants, something Trump refers to as being “very strong on borders.”

The only reason you may not have heard about this injustice is because he did it on Friday evening, which already makes it difficult to report on but even more so while a national disaster is going on.

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Many, including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, accused Drumpf of hiding the hard-to-defend action behind the storm.

But during a press conference with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö on Monday, the POTUS defended the move, even saying he was proud.

In fact, he says he did it after Hurricane Harvey had made landfall because he assumed “the ratings would be far higher”:

“In the middle of a hurricane, even though it was a Friday evening, I assumed the ratings would be far higher than they would be normally. You know, the hurricane was just starting.”

So either he’s lying about using a national tragedy as political cover or he’s telling the truth about using a national tragedy as a political soapbox. Classy as ever.

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Trump didn’t just defend the timing but the decision itself, saying of Arpaio:

“He’s done a great job for the people of Arizona, he’s very strong on borders, very strong on illegal immigration. I thought he was treated unbelievably unfairly when they came down with their big decision to go get him right before the election voting started, as you know, and he lost in a very close election. He would have won the election. They just hammered him before the election. I thought that was a very, very unfair thing to do.”


If Trump had his way, the man wouldn’t just be going free, he’d STILL BE COMMITTING THE DAMN CRIME!

Ugh. Watch 45 make the gross statement for yourself (below):

[Image via CNN.]

Aug 28, 2017 6:50pm PDT

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