Joel Osteen Gets DRAGGED On Twitter For Not Opening Megachurch To Hurricane Harvey Refugees!

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UPDATE 7:55 P.M. EST: According to TMZ, church officials are now blaming the closure on flooding, saying Lakewood is “inaccessible.” Needless to say, bullshit is being called on that excuse as eyewitnesses and now-viral photos report no apparent flooding around the facility (as seen in the tweets below).

In case you’re not familiar with Joel Osteen, he’s a very, VERY wealthy pastor based in Houston, Texas.

His empire of best-selling books, a Sirius XM radio show, and televised sermons have given him an estimated net worth north of $50 million.

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When southeast Texas was hit by unprecedented flooding from Hurricane Harvey, Osteen tweeted:

And that’s all he did.

People were quick to note on Twitter that he has not donated any money (that anyone can tell anyway), but more importantly he didn’t open the doors of his 16,800-seating megachurch in Lakewood to refugees, despite it being spared from flooding and easily accessible.

See some of the most scathing tweets (below):

Oh, he’s apparently also blocking people who ask him about it, so clearly he got the message. He’s just not available.

[Image via Twitter.]

Aug 28, 2017 6:16pm PDT

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