ICYMI: Scott Baio’s Wife Put On Blast For Bullying The Mother Of A Sandy Hook Victim

scott baio wife bullies sandy hook mom

What a despicable thing to say!

ICYMI, Scott Baio‘s wife Renee caused quite a bit of controversy on social media recently as she insulted a mother who lost her child in the Sandy Hook shooting and said that “maybe” the deceased little one was in a “better place.” Oof.

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The online drama started on Thursday when Renee’s husband shared a conspiracy theory meme which suggested the mother of murdered Sandy Hook teacher Vicki Soto and the mother of Charlottesville victim Heather Heyer were both portrayed by actresses. As the meme implied that both tragedies were faked, the Happy Days alum eventually apologized for the offensive post.

Nonetheless, many victims’ loved ones took to Twitter in order to clap back at Scott’s ignorance. Nelba Marquez-Greene, who lost her six-year-old Ana during the Sandy Hook shooting, made sure to criticize Baio for his social media decision. According to Nelba, she was blocked by the industry vet at one point (below).

Being blocked didn’t deter Marquez-Greene from vocalizing her disdain, as she later reached out to Mrs. Baio in order to bring up the issue again. After Renee gave an update about her health following a recent surgery, Nelba hit back with:

Oh snap! Mrs. Baio (whose tweets are now protected) responded:

Renee Baio bullies Sandy Hook mom

Stop it. Who would go after a victim’s mother like this?? Smh.

Unsurprisingly, Renee’s remarks did NOT go over well online as many rebuked the 44-year-old (below) for her unkind words.

At first, the stunt woman was unapologetic for her remarks as she noted to her haters:

“You do NOT get to target me only to sling hatred. Bite me├óΓé¼┬ª..I’ll bite back harder! Where’s her sincere apology?”

However, as the criticism flooded her Twitter page, Renee tried to appease the situation:

“I’m sorry I hurt you. You came at me while I’m under a huge amount of medical challenges as I’m fighting for my life. I felt you targeted me due to my husband’s actions. That wasn’t fair as I’m my own person. You knew I wasn’t well, yet you.”

Someone’s certainly scrambling. She continued:

“@Nelba_MG felt the need to target me. I’ve lost a child. No one knows that kind of heartache and pain. I’m sorry I knee jerk reacted. @Nelba_MG I’m on morphine (still no excuse, however, it heightens things) I’ve beat cancer 2x, have non cancerous brain tumors & Now, I’m fighting not to bleed to death. Please accept my sincere apologies.”

Although Nelba didn’t initially accept Renee’s apology, she later made peace with the issue. Marquez-Greene added:

Nelba is clearly the bigger person in this scenario. We are more than impressed with her ability to forgive after such an unpleasant encounter.

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Aug 28, 2017 2:23pm PST

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