Trump Supporters Think Obama Was Golfing During Hurricane Katrina — When He Wasn’t Even The President Then!

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This is what happens when you yell about actual news being fake while spreading “alternative facts.” Your followers become idiots.

Supporters took to Twitter this week to praise Donald Trump‘s response to Hurricane Harvey — you know, the one where he exploited the tragedy for political gain and just two weeks previously rescinded an executive order to improve flood protections.

Sorry, did we say praise Trump? We meant raise him up by tearing down Barack Obama, obviously.

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The Twittersphere was filled with people talking about how Obama hadn’t been nearly as good a president during Hurricane Katrina because he was too busy golfing.

Of course, Obama wasn’t a good president during Katrina. BECAUSE HE WASN’T PRESIDENT DURING KATRINA!

Obama didn’t take office until 2009, nearly three and a half years after the Hurricane hit the Gulf Coast. But that didn’t stop the parade of ignorance (see below):

Right. The point still stands. Even though every aspect of it was factually inaccurate. Why are y’all being haters?

Are there really THAT many completely ignorant American voters?? Maybe. But some analysts believe most of these Twitter users are actually bots — fake accounts to send the same message en masse. This kind of commenting is a more pervasive form of spreading propaganda; while the message can be easily disproven, unlike a single website it can’t be easily policed.

This kind of fake news spreading is believed to have slightly influenced the election, so as ridiculous as this story is, it’s no joke.

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Whether Trump supporters are delusional or illusory, we have a real problem here.

Oh, and BTW — Obama, an Illinois Senator at the time, wasn’t golfing either. In fact, he took time to visit with Katrina evacuees in Houston.

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Aug 29, 2017 8:39pm PDT

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