Donald Trump Is Milking The Fuck Out Of Hurricane Harvey!

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Donald Trump is making the most out of Hurricane Harvey!

The president flew down to Corpus Christi, Texas on Tuesday to speak to communities affected by the unprecedented flooding due to this weekend’s natural disaster.

And because there’s nothing more devastating than his ego, POTUS treated the disaster site like a re-election rally!

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Not only did he try to pump up a crowd of Texans, saying, “Thank you everybody, what a crowd, what a turn out!” — he did so wearing a hurricane-casual “USA” hat!

Sure, it looks patriotic at first glance… until you realize that the hat he’s been modeling wearing in press ops, briefings, and speeches is also sold on his campaign website for a healthy $40.

Yup, 45 is literally using Harvey coverage as product placement for his re-election. Sounds about right!

[Image via Donald J. Trump/Twitter.]

Aug 29, 2017 5:41pm PDT

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