Joel Osteen Finally Opens His Megachurch To Hurricane Harvey Refugees After Being Shamed On Twitter

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Everyone is lending a helping hand during Hurricane Harvey — even if they have to be shamed into it.

When people noticed gazillionaire televangelist Joel Osteen hadn’t opened the doors to his Lakewood megachurch, there was an understandable outrage online.

The Houston pastor had said the church was inaccessible due to severe flooding, a claim that seemed to be contradicted by the numerous photos people were taking from the outside, not to mention the official maps of safe roads in the area.

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After the barrage of comments questioning his values, Osteen responded that the church was going to be a big help after all this was over, by “helping our fellow citizens to rebuild their lives.”

Well, on Tuesday Osteen finally opened the doors to the public, announcing on Twitter:

Hmm. So the church isn’t inaccessible anymore? That severe flooding clear up overnight?

Must have been a miracle!

[Image via Twitter/Johnny Louis/WENN.]

Aug 29, 2017 1:11pm PDT

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