Corinne’s Side Of The Scandal, Short-Lived Returns, & Surprise Arrivals — Here’s Everything You Missed From Tuesday’s Bachelor In Paradise!

corinne olympios tells all bachelor in paradise

Telling her side.

As you surely know, season four of Bachelor In Paradise almost didn’t happen after allegations of sexual misconduct hit the set. At the time, it was believed that Corinne Olympios was too drunk to consent to a sexual encounter with BiP costar DeMario Jackson.

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However, after Warner Bros. concluded an investigation into the matter, production resumed as everyone involved were cleared of any wrongdoing. Of course, this didn’t stop the media from speculating about what exactly went down in Paradise — painting both Olympios and Jackson in poor lights.

That’s why we were so interested in hearing Miz Olympios’ side of the story during her sit down on BiP with Chris Harrison. Understandably, Nick Viall‘s ex was “really nervous” about the tell-all as it was her “first time talking about what happened.” (Side Note: Remember this chat was filmed well before Corinne’s Good Morning America interview.)

In regards to how she’s doing post-scandal, the Bachelor season 21 villain was “doing a lot better” as she had her mom to lean on during this time. Well that’s good to hear.

After Harrison brought up the details which led to BiP‘s temporary halt in production, Corinne added:

“The first day, unfortunately, I don’t remember much of. I definitely overdrank. I was also on some medication that you’re not supposed to drink on… I am now weaning myself off that medication.”

Now, before you jump to conclusions, Corinne explained that she hadn’t been on the medication until AFTER her stint on the Bachelor and had never experienced a “blackout” on the prescription before the BiP incident. On why she may’ve seemed fine while filming, the Miami native shared:

“It can look like you’re totally present and totally there, and your mind is just not anywhere near.”

How scary. As for the morning after the encounter, Corinne said she laid in bed and thought:

“I just don’t understand.”

Oh, and the blonde businesswoman was quick to add that she has “no hard feelings” towards DeMario and stated that they went about their day “normally” the day after the incident. In fact, Corinne didn’t even flinch when Harrison asked if she thought Jackson did anything wrong. She continued:

“I honestly don’t think he did anything wrong. I don’t think it’s anyone’s fault. It’s just a really unfortunate, annoying situation that had to go down.”

You can say that again. The reality TV vet then went on to blame the medication/alcohol combo once again for the disaster on set.

Also, Corinne made sure to wish DeMario well as she reiterated to the crowd:

“I don’t blame DeMario. I don’t even know what to call it. It’s just so heart-sinking.”

We’re sure Rachel Lindsay‘s ex appreciates the support — albeit delayed.

Now, for what you’ve all been waiting for, the OTHER memorable moments from last night’s showing of Paradise (below).

Daniel Maguire arrived in Paradise following Matt Munson‘s exit and Lacey Mark was THRILLED about it. However, the professional Canadian wasn’t as excited as he called Marks the “scraps” of Paradise. He then proceeded to flirt with Jasmine Goode and Christen Whitney.

-The rose ceremony took an inneresting turn when Matt returned to give Jasmine a rose… but still left the show. We guess he was trying to do the honorable thing?? In response to his kind gesture, Goode called Munson a “little bitch” to the cameras. Awkward.

-Here’s how the rest of the rose ceremony went down: Jack Stone gave his rose to Christen. Derek Peth gave his rose to Taylor Nolan. Robby Hayes gave his rose to Amanda Stanton. Diggy Moreland gave his rose to Dominique Alexis. Adam Gottschalk gave his rose to Raven Gates. Ben Zorn gave his rose to Danielle Lombard. Dean Unglert gave his rose to Kristina Schulman. Thus, Alexis Waters and Sarah Vendal were sent packing.

-Dean later had a change of heart, which furthered his love triangle plot line, as he went on to make out with Danielle L. in the pool. Kristina responded by sobbing about the drama to Robby.

-Rachel Lindsay’s Tickle Monster (whose real name is Dr. Jonathan Treece) arrived and whisked Christen off on a date. The twosome seemed to really hit it off, but upon their return, Whitney turned around and made out with Jack S. Dramaaaaa!

Bachelor In Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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Aug 30, 2017 7:34am PST

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