Holiday Inn Refuses To Let Houston Family’s Dogs Take Shelter With Them Inside Amid Hurricane Harvey!

This Holiday Inn fucked up!

A Houston family was forced to evacuate their home due to Hurricane Harvey, leaving them to only find shelter at a Holiday Inn Express and Suites in Katy, Texas.

The only problem?? They weren’t allowed to bring their three dogs in to stay with them!

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According to People, Gillian Parker, her husband Phillip, daughter Allison and her 81-year-old grandmother Sylvia packed up two cars to drive to safety.

With one of their cars flooding, they eventually made it to the Holiday Inn only to be told by management their pups, Arrow, Wiggum, and Buttercup would have to find other accommodations.

Pleading with the hotel didn’t work either, as Gillian shared her anger:

“It’s ridiculous and outrageous. This is an 800-year flood. Three exits down the highway, the national guard is pulling people out of their houses. And our dogs can’t come in to safety?”

Leaving them no other option, the Parkers took up shelter in the Holiday Inn, forcing them to leaving their poor dogs in their Prius.

Meanwhile, Gillian’s family has been taking shifts to stay with them in the car, including overnight:

“It’s pouring rain. You’re soaked to the bone just getting there, and walking them is even worse. The rain felt like needles in your face. And you end up shivering in the car. It’s just├óΓé¼┬ª I’m just chagrined, irritated, cold, wet, tired, and exhausted.”

How horrible!!!

She also added she’s nervous about breaking the rules in fear of getting her entire family kicked out of their only shelter:

“We’re afraid we’ll get kicked out. I don’t want to lose my place in the hotel. At this point we’re so tired. And I’m afraid to leave. We hope we’re safe.”

A friend tweeted out the sad circumstances:

The Katy location Holiday Inn’s General Manager Jim Hernandez explained not wavering to let the pups in:

“Our hotel is a not pet-friendly hotel. We do offer our guests areas where they can take their pets to be kenneled. There’s locations here down the street that are able to take their pets if they like.”

The said kennel was closed at the time.

What an awful situation to put a family in, as if having to leave their home and belongings behind isn’t hard enough!

Thankfully, it sounds like the Parkers are OUT of the Holiday Inn and are staying together, pups included:

We hope everyone in Texas stays safe!

We’re thinking of you!

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Aug 30, 2017 12:48pm PDT

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