YouTube Comedian Becomes Mayor Of Hell (Michigan) & Immediately Bans All Straight People From Entering!

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If Donald Trump can become president, anything is possible!

That’s what inspired YouTube comedian Elijah Daniel to start a political career of his own — which, two days later, resulted in becoming the literal Mayor of Hell!

No, this bizarre, Faustian Twitter tale isn’t fake news.

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It all began with an interesting theory: if a reality star could easily become president, a YouTuber like Elijah could just as easily hold a lower political office.

So, he went to work, and started a grassroots movement of “calling towns asking to let me be their mayor.” Two days later, he succeeded, and on August 30 became the official Mayor of Hell, Michigan!

We shit you not! Here’s the proof:

Mayor Elijah’s first order of business? To declare that “eating ass is dope,” obviously.

After that, he became the first mayor to ban heterosexuals from entering his town:

Ha! Now that’s a travel ban we can get behind!

Sadly, Mayor Elijah’s controversial policies and vulgar statements led to the downfall of his political career. The very same day, he announced his impeachment, writing:

Sad — but at least he’ll go down in history as the man who Made Hell Gay Again!

[Image via Elijah Daniel/Twitter.]

Aug 30, 2017 7:23pm PDT

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