OMG! Star Wars Is Introducing An EVIL Version Of BB-8, And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever!

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If you needed any further proof that Star Wars: Episode VIII was going to follow the original trilogy pattern of being the dark chapter, we give you… evil BB-8!

The cute, rolling droid who stole America’s hearts (and the contents of their wallets with BB-8 pillows, keychains, and actual working robots) is facing his dark twin in The Last Jedi.

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Toy company Sphero is dropping the working toy version for sale tonight at midnight as part of a huge toy launch called Force Friday II for $149. They describe BB-9E as a “rolling menace” who serves Kylo Ren.

Meet the dreaded astromech (below)!

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OMG, it’s so cute! It looks like BB-8 is going as Darth Vader for Halloween!

It’s the perfect blend of the darkness of The Empire Strikes Back and the cuteness juggernaut that is 90% of Disney‘s business strategy.

And we LOVE it!

Will YOU pick up the BB-9E for the fan in your life??

[Image via Sphero.]

Aug 31, 2017 11:27pm PDT

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