Nurse From Arrest Video Says She Was ‘Bullied’ By Cop — And He Still Has His Job!

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If you haven’t yet seen the video of nurse Alex Wubbels being arrested for protecting the legal rights of a patient, we have to insist. It’s scary but important.

Now the nurse, who followed the law correctly and was handcuffed, dragged, and thrown in a hot squad car for 20 minutes for her trouble, is speaking out.

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In an interview with the Associated Press on Friday, Wubbels said:

“This cop bullied me. He bullied me to the utmost extreme. And nobody stood in his way.”

While that’s true, thousands have since seen the video of Wubbels being manhandled now. The cop in question, Jeff Payne, has been suspended from the blood-draw unit (though is keeping his job as a Salt Lake City detective).

The police department and even the mayor have apologized to Wubbels. Police Chief Mike Brown said he was “alarmed” by the video while spokeswoman Christina Judd explained that the legal policy was still new, going into effect in 2016:

“It’s not an excuse. It definitely doesn’t forgive what happened.”

Judd also says police are trying to sort out what went wrong in the chain of command to make sure this doesn’t happen again:

“There’s a strong bond between fire, police and nurses because they all work together to help save lives, and this caused an unfortunate rift that we are hoping to repair immediately.”

As for Hubbel, her attorney, Karra Porter, says this experience has deeply affected the nurse:

“This has upended her worldview in a way. She just couldn’t believe this could happen.”

That a police officer could be wrong and violent and get away with it? It’s horrible, but sadly it’s far from unprecedented.

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Hubbel is standing by her actions, no matter what happened to her as a result. She says:

“You can’t just take blood if you don’t have a legitimate concern for something to be tested. It is the most personal property I think that we can have besides our skin and bones and organs.”

We’re sad to say, we’ve seen examples of police taking all of those things from innocent people over the past few years.

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Sep 1, 2017 8:36pm PDT

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