Wait, Did Kendall Jenner Steal Blake Griffin From His Baby Momma??

Is there about to be some drama??

Kendall Jenner and Blake Griffin‘s new fling might be more controversial than originally thought!

As we previously reported, the two were seen on their second date together just this week, but now there’s talk of baby momma drama!

The NBA player has two kids with Brynn Cameron, the girlfriend he’s been with for years, but it was never clear if they broke up before he was spotted with Kenny. And actually, he and Brynn were spotted on their own double date in July!

How interesting.

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Now add that on top of this — it’s being reported that a source is claiming the momma of two had no clue Blake was even seeing someone else:

“Brynn never saw this coming. She and Blake were fine; they weren’t fighting. Brynn doesn’t think it’s a coincidence Kendall swooped in when she did. It’s like she doesn’t even care that she’s tearing this family apart!”

Who knows what’s actually going on though.

Blake and Brynn could just be friendly coparents, but we have a feeling Kendall and Blake are going to want to talk this out!

[Image via Media Punch/WENN.]

Sep 1, 2017 3:21pm PDT

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