Selena Gomez Is ‘Concerned’ Hackers May Release Private Pics & MORE!

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Really, she’s just waiting to see if they have her info.

Earlier this week, Selena Gomez‘s Instagram account was compromised by hackers after they got in and posted old paparazzi pics of her ex, Justin Bieber, naked.

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Since then, the star has regained access to her account, but was supposedly warned the internet criminals may have even more information — including phone numbers, DMs, photos, etc. — and they’re just waiting to release.

A source at The Sun shared that some of the world’s biggest stars could fall victim to this insane and illegal invasion of privacy:

“Many of the biggest celebrities in the world will be very concerned about this. Many use Instagram for chatting privately and swapping pics with friends. A lot will be hastily deleting things to stop anything embarrassing getting out in the hope that it’s not too late.”

This sounds like “The Fappening” Pt. 2!

The Daily Beast reports those targeted are Instagram’s biggest stars. Pretty much anyone over 1 million followers is at risk — this includes celebs, politicians, sports stars, media companies, and normal people too!

Stay tuned for more on this!

[Image via Instagram.]

Sep 1, 2017 9:07am PDT

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