Ink Master Star Chris Blinston Arrested For Allegedly Strangling His 13-Year-Old Daughter

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This is despicable.

Ink Masters reality TV star Chris Blinston (pictured above, right) was arrested this week after allegedly strangling his 13-year-old daughter twice — and strangling her so hard, in fact, that he completely cut off her airway both times.

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It all started when Blinston’s daughter told a therapist that he had choked her earlier this week following an argument that took place during a custody visit — that triggered a police investigation, and Blinston was eventually arrested.

He apparently was having a dispute with the girl when he grabbed her by the neck and choked off her airway, leaving her unable to breathe for ten seconds; when he finally pulled away, she yelled at him, and he choked her again, cutting off her airway for “another six to seven seconds” the second time.

Blinston allegedly also verbally abused the girl, as well as telling her that if she told anybody about the incident, there would be “hell to pay,” according to TMZ.

Blinston was arrested on charges of felony domestic battery by strangulation, and taken to jail — where he posted a $6,000 bond and was released on Friday afternoon.

No comment yet from his camp, but this is certainly a disgusting (alleged) event…


[Image via Instagram.]

Sep 2, 2017 10:22am PST

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