Taylor Swift Booed By Fans For Apparently Ducking Them After Friend’s Wedding — Fair Or Not??

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Taylor Swift spent the Labor Day Weekend in Martha’s Vineyard as a bridesmaid at friend Abigail Anderson‘s wedding, but she couldn’t get through it — and her release of some more new music — without taking some heat from fans while there.

Security was tight at the church during the ceremony, of course, but fans were still waiting outside to catch a glimpse of Taylor… in the rain, no less. And when Taylor didn’t stop to meet with fans after the ceremony and her exit, fans let her have it!

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According to TMZ, the fans who were there rained down boos upon Taylor for not stopping to meet with them, with the group even chanting “very disappointing, not cool” at one point.

But wait… is that fair?! Here’s the thing:

On the one hand, fans are what make celebs so famous, obviously, and so it’s always nice to see celebs thank them.

On the other hand… Taylor was a bridesmaid at another woman’s wedding — it wasn’t her day — and maybe she didn’t want to draw attention away from the bride with some unnecessary celebrity. Also, maybe not every celeb has to meet with every single celeb if they don’t feel like it, for whatever reason, on any day?!

Just a thought.

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What do you think??? Bad show for Taylor not to say hi to fans?? OK of her not making the day about herself?? Share your opinions in the comments (below)!!!

And ch-ch-check out Taylor as a bridesmaid carrying Anderson’s train along for the ceremony (below) too:

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She definitely looks beautiful…

***insert ‘always the bridesmaid, never the bride’ joke here***


[Image via BACKGRID.]

Sep 3, 2017 12:30pm PDT

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