One Of The Dreamers Trump Wants To Deport Died Saving Hurricane Harvey Survivors

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If you weren’t already disgusted at reports Donald Trump was planning to end DACA, the program that protects child immigrants from deportation, let us tell you the story of just one of these Dreamers.

His name was Alonso Guillen.

He was 31 but had entered the United States as a teenager. He hadn’t achieved U.S. citizenship, but thanks to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, he had a work permit allowing him to work as a DJ on SuperMix 101.9 FM in Huntington, Texas.

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When Hurricane Harvey hit, Alonso decided to go the extra mile to try to help his fellow Texans. He and a couple friends borrowed a boat and set out to rescue flood survivors.

Authorities say their boat capsized after hitting a bridge around midnight last Wednesday. Only one of the three survived. Tomas Carreon Jr.‘s body was discovered on Friday; Alonso’s was recovered on Sunday.

Even sadder still, Alonso’s mother, Rita Ruiz de Guillen — who lived across the border in Piedras Negras, Mexico — told the Houston Chronicle she was turned away at the border trying to get a humanitarian visa to bury her son.

She said:

“When we are with God, there are no borders. Man made borders on this earth.”

Alonso’s sacrifice highlights the problem with ending DACA. We’d be losing hundreds of thousands of good, hardworking Americans.

Because that’s what these Dreamers are.

[Image via Facebook.]

Sep 4, 2017 7:00pm PDT

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