Aaron Carter Suffers Minor Injuries In ‘Severe’ Car Accident — After Tweeting While Driving!

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Oh no!

Aaron Carter revealed on Tuesday that he was in an incredibly bad car accident!

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The Fool’s Gold singer shared the experience on Twitter, saying he was “OK” but that he broke his nose, tweeting:

Thankfully, we’re guessing after a lot of worried tweets from fans, he wrote:

We’re so glad Aaron is going to be fine.

But we couldn’t help but notice while looking at his Twitter feed that his driving habits aren’t the safest, even when he’s not being arrested for DUI:

We don’t know that this was related to the accident, but it was just hours beforehand…

Do NOT tweet and drive, people!

Aaron, get well soon.

[Image via Twitter.]

Sep 5, 2017 8:29pm PDT

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