Angelina Jolie Laments About The Struggles Of Single Life Post-Brad Pitt Split & Teases Her Return To Acting!

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Some recently divorced celebs may love the single life — but Angelina Jolie isn’t one of them!

In fact, the filmmaker admitted that “there’s nothing nice” about her situation post split from Brad Pitt.

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In an interview with the Sunday Telegraph, the 42-year-old revealed the past few months have been quite a struggle following her messy movie star breakup, explaining:

“It’s been difficult. I don’t enjoy being single. It’s not something I wanted. There’s nothing nice about it. It’s just hard.”

What can we say? Breakups are hard — especially when there’s custody battles and accusations of child abuse involved.

While Angie may be looking rejuvenated at press events for her upcoming film First They Killed My Father, the director explained she doesn’t exactly feel like a black widow on the inside. She added:

“Sometimes maybe it appears I am pulling it all together, but really, I am just trying to get through my days. Emotionally, it’s been a very difficult year, and I have had some other health issues. So my health is something I have to monitor.”

Back in July, Angie revealed to Vanity Fair that she was battling hypertension and had been diagnosed with Bell’s palsy.

The actress, who also had a preventative double mastectomy in 2013 after testing positive for the BRCA1 gene, confessed that her health issues were among the many factors that changed her mindset over the past decade.

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Now at a crossroads, however, the Maleficent star wants to “rediscover” the old Angie:

“I am so happy I don’t have cancer, and that if I do get it, it will be delayed for a few years. The exchange for that peace of mind is quite good. I think now I need to rediscover a little bit of the old me. I think we lose our way a bit. I have had a lot happen in my life, from certain people passing to health issues to raising the children. And it’s been a very good time to absorb and develop and grow.”

Going forward, the actress is looking to develop and grow by stepping back in front of the screen to act. She told The Hollywood Reporter:

“Right now I don’t have anything to direct that I feel passionate about like this, so I’ll do some acting. I’ve taken over a year off now, because of my family situation, to take care of my kids.”

Now with her motherly duties fullfilled, the Oscar-winner has some big projects on the horizon. She continued:

Maleficent, we’re working on, most likely. And I look forward to having some fun with that. Cleopatra, there is a script. There’s a lot of different things floating around. But I haven’t committed.”

We wouldn’t expect her to — after all, that’s the beauty of being single!

Are YOU excited for Ang’s return to acting?

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Sep 5, 2017 10:36am PDT

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