Donald Trump Spends Labor Day Talking About Campaign Promises & Highlighting Non-USA Made Products! WE’RE SO FUCKED!

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Not surprised, since he’s no man of detail.

Donald Trump celebrated Labor Day Weekend by aggravating North Korea, sending millions of kids pack in the coming months by ending DACA, and by being a royal dumb ass on Twitter. Sadly, TYPICAL DONNY!

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ICYMI, Labor Day (you know, the stuff you learn about in elementary school) is a public holiday held in honor of working people, in the US and Canada.

Instead of celebrating all the hard work Americans have done, Drumpf decided to comment on his campaign promises about bringing jobs back here:

While that’s still an eye-roll, the most LOL-worthy thing about the tweet is the accompanying photo.

Melania Trump is seen wearing a colorful fit-and-flare dress by Greek designer Mary Katrantzou, which she wore to a congressional picnic back in June.

As pointed out by, the dress’ listing on Saks Fifth Avenue‘s website says it’s manufactured in Italy. Really it’s a small detail, but any good staff would have chosen a photo where a fashion house that makes their garments in the US is showcased.

This just proves our President is a dunce surrounded by other likeminded dunces. Barf.

Lastly, we’ll leave you with what Barack Obama tweeted out during Labor Day 2016:

“Happy Labor Day – longest streak of job growth ever, unemployment cut in half. That’s what hardworking Americans can do. Let’s keep going!”

*Wipes away a flood of tears* Make America Obama Again!!

[Image via Donald Trump/Twitter.]

Sep 5, 2017 8:36am PDT

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