The Twins Were Back With Vengeance On Tuesday’s Bachelor In Paradise — But Did It Pay Off?

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Can y’all believe we’re *finally* almost to the Bachelor in Paradise finale??

In the penultimate episode on Tuesday night, the twins, Emily and Haley, showed up in Mexico to stir things up with the existing couples — but not to much avail. They weren’t the only newcomers, though, as Jaimi also popped up and risked things for Dominique and Diggy.

So let’s get into it.

At this point, couples Derek and Taylor, Robby and Amanda, Adam and Raven, Jack and Christen, and Daniel and Lacey are all pretty set in stone.

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While Derek confessed that he was “falling in love” with Taylor, Robby admitted he’s ready for life outside of Paradise with Amanda. Later in the episode, Jack Stone even admitted he can see a future with Scallop Fingers.

Dom Diggity’s fate, however, remains up in the air as Jaimi (who is attracted to both men and women) asked Diggy out with her date card — and the two seemed to hit it off! TBD which lady Diggy will give his final rose to next week.

And that brings us to the twins.

Just when Danielle was getting to give things a shot with Dean after Kristina‘s departure on Monday, Haley and Emily show up, who claimed:

“We’re just here to fuck shit up.”

Emily was dead set on snatching up Dean, while Haley only had eyes for Derek (who is pretty much married to Taylor at this point).

When their plans were thwarted because Dean and Derek were “dating shallow, ugly whores,” the twins prepared for their date with Tickle Monster Jonathan and “serial killer” Jack:

“We decided we’re going to go on this date with each other and bring these two douchebags with us.”

How sweet!

It didn’t take long for Jack to realize he didn’t want to go on the double date, so he decided to stay back at the ranch and hang out with Christen instead.

That’s when Emily and Haley went full psycho, throwing scallops everywhere and telling everyone:

“Fuck everybody here!”

And just like that, the twins were gone.

We guess ABC needed to do something to spice up this season!

What did U think of last night’s episode??

Tune in to the finale next Monday at 8 p.m. EST!

Sep 6, 2017 10:18am PDT

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