Lorde Is Really, Really Into These ‘Hot’ Doctors Who Shot Her Up With Vitamins Before The VMAs!

Who doesn't like hot doctors??

Lorde will be kicking off her Melodrama tour very soon, following up her interesting MTV VMAs performance last month where she only danced along to Homemade Dynamite.

She later revealed she couldn’t sing due to the flu, but apparently it wasn’t all bad for the New Zealand artist!

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In an interview with Marc Maron for his WTF podcast, which aired on Thursday, the 20-year-old revealed she had really “hot” doctors taking care of her right before the show.

Lorde confessed:

“I had those ladies come, those hot ladies. The drip doctors. You can just pay these ladies $200 and they will come and shoot you up with this cocktail. It could be for a hangover, could be a semi-professional sports person… It’s like the start of a porno. They’re in their little uniforms, so cute… You could not find that in New Zealand. They wouldn’t do that for you.”

To clarify, the singer’s cocktail consisted of vitamins B and C, and all the electrolytes.

“Holistic hotties” as Lorde coined it, while couldn’t cure her flu, at least made her feel well enough to take the stage! Although, the artist did confess she was fearful she had “toxic shock syndrome”!

Also in her interview, the starlet talks her synesthesia, the condition where music can appear as colors:

“It is very overwhelming. It guides a lot of the music that I make for sure. I make very visual music, like colorful music. So for me, when something is just at peak ultraviolet or peak blue or whatever, I’m heading in the right direction.”

She’s amazing!

Listen to more of the podcast HERE!

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Sep 7, 2017 5:24pm PDT

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