Fifth Harmony Surprises Fans With ANOTHER New Music Video! See The Best Reactions To Deliver HERE!

Anyone else notice this is the most coordinated their outfits have been in months? Or is that just because it’s black and white…

Fifth Harmony surprised fans with a brand new music video for their track Deliver on Friday, and like with Angel it just isn’t capturing the group dynamic properly!

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Nice glam looks here, but all the closeups and quick edits really take away from the magic, which should be four very different women coming together in harmony. Most of this could be filmed with the girls in different rooms on different days.

(OMG, it wasn’t, was it??)

We far prefer their performance on Live With Kelly & Ryan this morning (below):

Even if they didn’t have the choreo down pat, they at least were trying.

5H just really needs to find a music video director that gets their vibe. And yes, we know it’s a non-single so they didn’t have any budget. So why not just rehearse the eff out of it and shoot them doing it live?

At least, that was our initial reaction.

Here’s how Harmonizers reacted to getting a video they had no idea was coming:

Sep 8, 2017 8:34pm PDT

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