Paramount Pictures Just Got Caught Shitting All Over Their Production Assistants

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Paramount Pictures just paid a nearly seven-figure settlement to some production assistants after the group of employees brought a lawsuit against the film company arguing about brutal, inhumane working conditions on some of their biggest films.

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There are big movies involved — stuff like Wolf Of Wall Street, Noah, and Transformers: Dark Side Of The Moon — and yet the production assistants claim that Paramount not only forced them to often work 100 hours a week, but that they never got overtime and they weren’t allowed to leave their posts even to get food or go use the restroom.

And get this, here’s the real kicker: the rule about sticking to their posts was so severe, the production assistants allege they had to urinate and defecate INTO BOTTLES AND BUCKETS IN THEIR OWN DAMN CARS.

What the fuck, Paramount?! You make how much money, and still pull shit like this??

Nobody is saying being a production assistant ought to be a glamorous job — it’s the lowest of the low — but THIS?! Ugh.

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Well, at least they got caught, because now Paramount is paying out $700,000 in a settlement to a group of production assistants because of how shitty they were treated.

It’s ultimately a small price to pay for the massive film company, but still…

Justice is (sort of) served.

Sep 9, 2017 12:42pm PDT

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